Circles & Lines + Cadillac Moon Live Stream Video

Here is the recording of the Live Stream Cadillac Moon and my composers group Circles and Lines put on.  My segment is at the end, and I hope you enjoy!  During the course of the rehearsal, Meaghan (Cadillac’s cellist) asked me why I had chosen to use dashed bar lines in the score.  After the short rehearsal I thought on the question more and I remember that as I had begun to write the movement a|STL: Wormhole.  I imagined it was originally to exposit in a far more free way, much like the very beginning (which you hear).  Time signatures were to be non-existant and gestures were supposed to be quasi-aleatoric in their temporal execution (after all time and space warp in wormholes!).

Eventually though, I found the material that I was bringing in from other movements demanded a more rigid structure for practical purposes.  For example, the fast leggiero section from the last movement would be silly to represent in a dashed bar line setting without time signatures, so I threw in double bar lines to demarcate the major section and put in time signatures to make it easier to read.  It turned out I had to keep returning to this kind of scoring to the point that having dashed bar lines in an attempt to elegantly convey the freeness of the movement and gestures became meaningless.

Live Stream of Cadillac Moon Ensemble and Circles and Lines in Open Rehearsal at NYU, April 14th, 2013 from Circles and Lines on Vimeo.

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