City of New York 2013

Totally forgot to boost this.  I was part of a really cool project all of 2013, where a jazz guitarist and composer Matt Davis would write a couple new tunes every month featuring a specific under-represented demographic in NYC.  Here is what he said:

This is music written about New York City. Every month of 2013 I spoke to different groups of people, recorded our conversations, wrote music based on the insights and stories they told me, and then rehearsed, recorded and performed the music with my group, Aerial Photograph. Here are the groups I spoke with:

Seniors/Elderly New Yorkers
Recovering Addicts/Alcoholics
Religious Believers
Community Builders
Homeless people
NYC Teachers
Incarcerated people
Artists and Musicians

By purchasing this series, you will get access to notes, scores, audio files, images and lots of other cool things.

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