Circles and Lines Live @ Le Poisson Rouge

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The composer consortium I am a part of is having another concert at Le Poisson Rouge on May 2nd at 7:30 PM!  It would be great to see you all there.  Below is the program.  We have some fantastic players joining us, including Iktus Percussion Quartet and Transit New Music Ensemble.

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Prelude No. 26 for Solo Piano by Eric Lemmon
Eric Lemmon, Piano

La Aldea by Angélica Negrón
Angélica Negrón, voice and live electronics
Leonardo Velázquez, charango
José Olivares, live video processing

Tango Variations for Double Bass Duo by Noam Faingold
Matthew Rosenthal, Double bass
Matthew Weber, Double bass

String Quartet No. 1 by Eric Lemmon
Curtis Stewart, Violin
Patti Kilroy, Violin
Rick Quantz, Viola
James Waldo, Cello

Bonaparte Born to Party by Noam Faingold
TRANSIT new music ensemble


Count to Five by Angelica Negron
Iktus Percussion Quartet (Roy Campbell, Chris Graham, Danielle Weinberg, and Justin Wolf)

I Could Dissolve into Sunlight by Conrad Winslow
Aleque Reid, soprano
Paulina Simkin, piano

Fantasy for 171st St. by Dylan Glatthorn
I-Shan Cheng, Oboe
Matthew Rosenberg, Basson
Manuel Laufer, Piano

It’s Mutual by Conrad Winslow
Sean Statser, marimba
Frank Tyl, percussion
Jeff Eng, percussion
Jacqueline Russo, percussion

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