There Are Assholes

From the Baltimore Sun:

An unpopular music genre doesn’t make a city ‘world class’ … The phrase ‘world class’ is a propaganda technique used by those who want to shove things down our throats.

Get rid of them, the Ballet and any other useless tax funded ‘entertainment’ that isnt self supporting.

Face it, this isn’t about the music. It is about Louisville being able to say, ‘We have an orchestra.’ Then all the old stuffed shirts go to the concerts to be seen by other old stuffed shirts. Boring. Hire some clowns to spice things up.

Pack up your fiddles and go home boys and girls. Maybe find real jobs. Go to Nashville and vie for some sessions work. If you are worth your salt you’ll survive there, maybe even flourish.

Sale all of assets to pay these people off, fire them all and get rid of the Orchestra. It isnt popular with the residents or they would have packed crowds and not have to worry about $$$.

This whole thing is stupid. The orchestra creates a product. That product has lost public appeal. Just like any business, this one needs to shut down. If your product isn’t selling there is no reason to continue in business.

One of the biggest mistakes scientists ever made in the whole ‘what to do about global warming’ debate was refusing to go out and debate idiots or shills who are wholly invested in our fossil fuel economy.  Essentially, it gave the deniers control of the debate and the ability to move public opinion with no push-back.  We should not be lackadaisical about smacking down assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about.

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