Detroit Symphony Shutters Its Doors

Well, the writing was on the wall for that one.  I really hope the New York City Opera doesn’t follow them down that rabbit hole.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra officials have suspended the rest of the 2010-2011 season, through June 5.  This comes on the heels of striking DSO musicians voting today to turn down management’s “final offer.”  Though management’s press release noted it’s possible some of the season could yet be salvaged were a settlement reached in the coming months, DSO Executive Vice President Paul Hogle said this afternoon that the current offer is now withdrawn.

Mayor Dave Bing’s spokesperson Karen Dumas said, “We are very disappointed with the news, but when you have two parties that are equally committed and passionate, finding common ground can be difficult and sometimes impossible.”

There are also some more in depth looks in how these final months have played out here and here.  I personally believe this has more to do than just the decline of classical music.  It’s a sad story about Detroit and America at large as well.

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