All Things Must Come To An End

Even the good things:

Dear beloved neighbors, fellow artistic peers, and Vaudevillians of the highest order:

It is my fifth year at 26 Bushwick Avenue operating as Vaudeville Park, and for this, I thank you all of you.

Due to unexpected and sudden changes in our lease terms, Vaudeville Park can no longer continue operating at its current location as an event space and venue past December 31st, 2012.  I can no longer open the doors several nights a week at 26 Bushwick Avenue to let the world in to see some of the most diverse, intelligent, and fervently creative musical acts, performance, film and arts shows.

There is just so much for me to say about Vaudeville Park, what I think, and what I feel, as it’s founder and artistic director…

What I will say here, is that Vaudeville Park is more than a physical space.  Alternative venue spaces are born and reborn in NYC, and they are only the temporary houses of  our arts community, cast and frozen in time.  Those who build these spaces, the community who strengthens them, realizes them, and wills them into existence will never stop; as we wouldn’t know how to.  We are together durable, adaptable, and tenacious because of understanding power in the simple truth; we need one another.

The creative entity known as Vaudeville Park  and our nonprofit will continue its journey as a regional Arts and Music event producer and promoter, extending our agenda of edgy and fresh programming to special venues, and with larger shows shows where artists can truly push themselves, and be recognized.  I will continue performing, curating and organizing more shows, and better shows than ever before with all of you, I promise that.

The 26 Bushwick Avenue space will be converted into the amazing new home of Vaudeville Arts Alliance Studios, where two to three artists can freely create and be integrated into the greater Vaudeville Park community with open studios, dinners, and other special events open to the public.

Vaudeville Arts Alliance Studios is currently looking for a few good artists to join us in keeping 26 Bushwick Avenue as a hub of artistic activity, by January 1st of 2013.  Vaudeville Arts Alliance Studios are under market value for the area, and artists will have access to supplies at Materials for the Arts, take part in Bushwick Open Studios, and much more.

Space is very limited, so please contact right away if interested.

Thank you for giving me a chance everyone.

I hope to see you at Vaudeville Park this December for our last shows.

See you soon.

Yours Forever,

Ian M Colletti
Founder/ Director
Vaudeville Park/ Vaudeville Arts Alliance

For those familiar with me, you know I am one of the classical curators for this fine art space.  Even if at times, the piano was clunky, and the sound from the street bled into the concert at very delicate moments, Vaudeville Park was always known as a space that was open to the New and Undiscovered.  I’ve had the pleasure to book, perform and put together many concerts there over the past year and a half and as the last month of it being an “official” music space comes to an end, I look forward to the organization’s rebirth as a primarily visual art space, but also the opportunity to work with Ian on special events or at other venues that Vaudeville Park begins organizing for.

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