Flying out to Doctoral Program

Looks like the best time to fly out to Stony Brook is around 5:00AM O_o

I think I’ll just go at 6:00AM and take the Throgs Neck…



Beaters and Upside Down Bells

Soviet Union Polemicist On Jazz Music:

“The dry knock of an idiotic hammer penetrates the utter stillness. One, two, three, ten, twenty strikes, and afterwards a wild whistling and squeaking as if a ball of mud was falling into clear water; then follows a rattling, howling and screaming like the clamor of a metal pig, the cry of a donkey or […]

The Impossible Will Take a Little While

The Impossible Will Take a Little While is a song cycle for mezzo-soprano, three ensemble voices (soprano, tenor, baritone), and a chamber orchestra comprised of traditional acoustic and electronic instruments by Eric Lemmon. The goal of the work is to celebrate the impact that ordinary people can achieve through small political acts. […]

To Be of Use

The International Double Reed Society and Circles and Lines Present New Music for Double Reeds

Composer collective Circles and Lines teams up with the International Double Reed Society for an evening of music featuring virtuosi of the double reed world. C + L celebrates five years of concerts with commissions for The New York Philharmonic’s Rob Botti, ICE’s Rebekah Heller, contemporary star […]


Sleepy days in Inwood

Transcription of Krenek Papers

I am doing a transcription of some of Krenek’s papers in preparation for a paper I am writing on his Solo Viola Sonata. Below are some of the notes from the work I’m doing and an excerpt from the beginning of the transcription (I am not sure whether I am allowed to post it all.)


Paranoia and Conspiracy v. Krenek

The opera had not yet been produced at the time of my San Diego lectures. As a postmortem I may add that I had never anticipated the amount of indignation and anguish that the performance, which eventually took place in Hamburg, caused. One could expect the conservatives to be outraged. but they were just as […]