Joy comes in many forms.

Break from the Rochberg: Ornstein, Suicide in an Airplane

Revision tyme.

I finished composing this work back in December, but made revisions and engraving changes later. As you may remember, it was originally called “For Viola” but now it’s called “Closer” as in a closing pitcher on a baseball team. So click here for an updated copy of the work. If you want a violin version […]

Slow-No Posting is Over!

Just finished taking auditions and composition interviews. I hope to be back to some more regular posting in the near future! In the mean time:

Egypt Deserves Democracy

Oh Jeez.

From Paul Krugman:

Bad Advice From Duke Ellington

Oh Jeez.

A Review of a Review of John Cage’s Biography in the Times by John Adams

This isn’t actually a review of Adam’s review, but I wanted to highlight a few quotes from Adams in the “Up Front” section of the book review:

“Cage helped to open my awareness and acceptance of sound — all sounds, not just the pitches of the musical scale. And he set an example for liberating […]

A Little About This Site

In light of Q2 posting Circles and Lines’ latest concert on their Live Concert Series broadcast page and linking to my website, I thought I’d speak a little bit about how the mission of this website has changed over the few years it has been around. When I originally started posting on this website, most […]

John Cage’s Sonatas XIV and XV – Gemini

I bought a recording of Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes to do some research on piano preparation. I have to say that the works are thoroughly enjoyable. The colors afforded to Cage (by himself) are really interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of my drooling over the work, am I just making this up or is the […]