Thank You To All That Attended

Hello everyone, thanks to all those who attended Circles and Lines last night, and apologies to those who visit to read articles or download sheet music.  To the article/sheet music viewers, I’ve been focusing all my attention on that concert for a while now, hence the extremely light posting.  But I did get a review in the New York Times, which you can view here.

Eric Lemmon provided an ambitious dramatic work for a large ensemble, “The Cure at Troy,” a scene from Seamus Heaney’s retelling of Sophocles’ “Philoctetes.” Mr. Lemmon’s work nods at Philip Glass’s “Einstein on the Beach,” both musically (repeated, simple figures are its primary engine) and in its use of overlapping and simultaneous spoken texts. But Mr. Lemmon’s own voice comes through as well, and this setting left a listener curious to hear how he will develop it.

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