And the Orchestra Played On

Though I don’t believe that music education’s short shrift in curriculum alone is the reason for the past decades marked decline in the Classical audience base, it always deserves pointing out that music education isn’t just about introducing younger folks to traditional art music. In The Sunday New York Times Joanne Lipman contributed an Op-Ed […]

Thank You To All That Attended

Hello everyone, thanks to all those who attended Circles and Lines last night, and apologies to those who visit to read articles or download sheet music. To the article/sheet music viewers, I’ve been focusing all my attention on that concert for a while now, hence the extremely light posting. But I did get a review […]

Auditory Space and Time (and Other Stuff Too)

We experience sound in a three deminsional space. This should come as no surprise to those who pay attention to the sounds that enter our ears. This is in stark contrast with the capabilities of our eyes. When we are born, our visual-perceptions are terribly limited. Much of our ability to see in 3D-ness is […]

Lincoln Center: A Shorty History and Reflection by Anthony Tommasini

Yesterday’s arts section in the New York Times had a nice reflection on Lincoln Center by Anthony Tommasini. In it he talks about criticism leveled at the performing arts center and then spends time reflecting on -and largely rejecting- these criticisms. I’ll take a look at some of his conclusions and add some of my […]

A New York Times Fluff Piece

In the Sunday edition of the New York Times’ Arts & Leisure section, Matthew Gurewitsch wrote and unbelievably horrible pseudo-science article on music psychology called Concerto In the Key Of Rx Retardation. Now the principal issue with this article is that it takes simple properties of music (and one misguided music producer) and blows the […]