Canis Major Composer Notes & Full Score




Full Score […]

Prelude in Db Major

This piece is part of the a set of 26 preludes that I am writing, one for each key and 2 extra, one for a straight atonal work and another for a twelve tone work. The set of preludes are ostensibly supposed to to be unified by the fact that each work is written in […]

New Works for Viola (or violin, if you’re one of those kinds who enjoy playing sharp)

Here’s a work that’s essentially fresh off the press for Solo viola (or violin). The story behind this one; my friend Holly Nelson asked me to write a work for solo violin for her recital/contemporary requirement for grad auditions. Needing to generate material quickly, I wrote her a violin piece, but on my instrument (viola). […]

Mozart Violin Sonatas

There are a ton of Mozart Violin Sonatas out there and I’ve posted all of them below but you can also see them individually at IMSLP, or the Neue Mozart Ausgabe, where all of Mozart’s works, analysis of editorial issues and other scholarly stuff is cataloged.

The earlier K numbers in the set of sonatas […]

Love Songs: Sheet Music

These are songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano that I wrote a few months ago and were performed at the latest Circles and Lines concert in December. I’ll hopefully have recordings for you all soon. The texts are below each blurb about the piece.

Mezzo-Soprano, Piano Score of Love Songs

The cycle is intended to […]

Schubert Quartet in A Minor, “Rosamunde”

This is the first complete quartet I performed in public setting, so it holds a special place of malice in my heart. The struggle that the viola and cello have in getting those 16th notes in the opening bar to match in articulation and duration is frustrating. As always, these are re-hosted from IMSLP.

Schubert […]

Debussy, Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune.

Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune which was first premiered in 1894 is considered perhaps to be the birth piece of the modernist movement. Though wikipedia says “It is a work that barely grasps onto tonality and harmonic function,” It is actually an incredibly tonal work, in that it has very prominent key areas. This is […]

Boccherini Sonata for Viola and Cello

The quality of this sheet music is a little low, but I thought it might be interesting to put up this Sonata – Duo by Boccherini because his music is ridiculous and something good for a viola cello duo at a gig.

Boccherini Viola & Cello Sonata

41 Campagnoli Caprices fo Viola

These caprices are part of the viola etude repertoire. It’s a very useful book.


Campagnoli 41 Caprices


Sevcik Op. 1

Most violinists or violists who’ve decided to perform as a career have played exercises from these books. They are not quite etudes in the sense that Kreutzer or Rode are, but still much more music-like than Dounis exercises or scales.

I find they are incredibly useful, especially the first book in teaching the hand proper […]