Helicopter Quartet – Stockhausen

I was first introduced to this video a few years ago and my first thoughts, (before my general revulsion towards the aesthetics of the work manifested) were that this work is a seriously poor allocation of resources. If you think about the money sunk into the work to contract and fly the four helicopters for […]

Schubert Quartet in A Minor, “Rosamunde”

This is the first complete quartet I performed in public setting, so it holds a special place of malice in my heart. The struggle that the viola and cello have in getting those 16th notes in the opening bar to match in articulation and duration is frustrating. As always, these are re-hosted from IMSLP.

Schubert […]

Debussy & Ravel String Quartets

I guess you could call this impressionistic Wednesday. Click beneath the fold for two standard pieces!


Mendelssohn String Quartets

Here are Mendelssohn’s Six String Quartets…Minus the parts to the 5th. As always this batch is re-hosted from IMSLP. As soon as I can I’ll go hunting for the rest of the parts. Other than the missing parts to the 5th quartet, all of the PDF’s are of a lovely quality. Happy playing.


Bartok String Quartets No’s 1 & 2

Here are the Scores and Parts to Bartok’s First and Second String Quartets. Unfortunately, these are the only two quartets that have entered the public domain in the United States so far. As with my last upload, these have been re-hosted from IMSLP, so if you are looking for more parts go ahead and look […]

Mozart String Quartets No. 1-23

Here is my first upload and I’d like to make it clear that this work is not my own, the folks over at IMSLP have a huge database of all sorts of public domain music. I have simply taken their uploads and rehosted them here, in what I hope will be a much more organized […]