And the Orchestra Played On

Though I don’t believe that music education’s short shrift in curriculum alone is the reason for the past decades marked decline in the Classical audience base, it always deserves pointing out that music education isn’t just about introducing younger folks to traditional art music. In The Sunday New York Times Joanne Lipman contributed an Op-Ed […]

Smart Children are Left Behind, But So Are Artistic Children

A week ago Tom Loveless and Michael J. Petrilli had an Op-Ed article ran in the New York Times called “Smart Child Left Behind“. In it, they make the case that high-achieving students are left out of the equation when it comes to academic gains as demanded by the No Child Left Behind Act.

First, […]

The No Child Left Behind Act and Arts Programs

Regardless of your standing on the effects and benefits of the No Child Left Behind Act (Public Law 107-110), the most recent large scale education reform, the NCLB has had a profound negative effect on music and the arts in general in public schools. Robert Lynch provided statistics in The Hill when the act was […]