Album Review Go: Organic Orchestra, Sonic Mandala

Jazz musician, composer and conductor Adam Rudolph’s latest album is a widely varied work that does justice to its own title. Sonic Mandala takes listeners on a journey ranging from free jazz, to north Indian tabla music, using instruments from many different styles and cultures. In a general sense, the most impressive aspect of […]

Redhooker at Le Poisson Rouge

Redhooker at Le Poisson Rouge

Last Sunday I went to see Redhooker and Arturo en el Barco at Le Poisson Rouge. Arturo en el Barco (AEEB) was the “opener” for Redhooker even though they appeared afterward. AEEB is headed by Angélica Négron, a member of my composer consortium Circles and Lines, so I […]

Republic The Musical

I just got finished playing an awesome work by my good friend Dylan Glatthorn. Dylan is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida and a fellow senior at New York University with me. He is the winner of the Alan Menken Scholarship here and I believe he has been working on the musical since he’s been […]