Burning City Orchestra — Debut Album

In November of 2015, Burning City Orchestra (BCO) released its debut album after five years of hard work. The primary driving force behind this indie-rock release is Noam Faingold, who is a great friend of mine. With that being said, as a reader, you can rightfully expect this review to be a […]

Album Review Go: Organic Orchestra, Sonic Mandala

Jazz musician, composer and conductor Adam Rudolph’s latest album is a widely varied work that does justice to its own title. Sonic Mandala takes listeners on a journey ranging from free jazz, to north Indian tabla music, using instruments from many different styles and cultures. In a general sense, the most impressive aspect of […]

Review of BAM Lotus Viola Case

About a year ago, I decided to ditch the case that I got along with my new instrument and get a nice shiny new BAM case. The previous two cases I had owned were these massive tanks of cases, made out of wood and kevlar, had poor straps and were as heavy as an M1 […]

Album Review Over at Trust Me I’m a Scientist

I’ll add an excerpt here to give you a taste, but you can read the rest at Trust Me I’m a Scientist’s website:

In October, Björk released Biophilia, and the iPad/iPhone applications that allowed her listeners to interact with the album. The creative power in these apps lies in both their simplicity, and just how […]

New World Symphony Opening Night – Review

I recently attended New World Symphony’s season opening concert. On the program were Smetana, Schumann, Janáček and a new work by James Lee III. This concert was also reviewed in the Miami herald, so if you would like a second opinion you can head over there. This is the first time I have been in […]

Two new works by young composers – Review

I recently went to a fellow UMiami student, Corey Klein’s Masters Recital. The recital featured more contemporary works for horn than one would expect (three by living composers), and two were of particular interest to me as they were written by young composers. The third contemporary work was by UM composition department head Dennis Kam. […]

AMPED/ELECTRIFIED, The Nouveau Classical Project Curating for the MATA Interval Series

From left, Jonathan Cohen, Trevor Gureckis, Jay Wadley, Sugar Vendil, Ryan Manchester, Izzi Ramkissoon, Danielle Eva Schwob.

On Thursday I went to see a shmorgasborg of new works by young composers brought together by the curating of Sugar Vendil at The Nouveau Classical Project and the MATA Interval Series. The Nouveau Classical Project’s […]

Stockhausen & Magic Names Group at Issue Project Room

This past Thursday I was invited to go see Cadillac Moon Ensemble (CME) perform by two colleagues of mine, Evelyn Farny and Patti Kilroy. Opening up for them was Magic Names Group, a troupe of six vocalists founded specifically to perform the work Stimmung, which they performed in excerpt that evening. They also performed a […]

Redhooker at Le Poisson Rouge

Redhooker at Le Poisson Rouge

Last Sunday I went to see Redhooker and Arturo en el Barco at Le Poisson Rouge. Arturo en el Barco (AEEB) was the “opener” for Redhooker even though they appeared afterward. AEEB is headed by Angélica Négron, a member of my composer consortium Circles and Lines, so I […]

Helicopter Quartet – Stockhausen

I was first introduced to this video a few years ago and my first thoughts, (before my general revulsion towards the aesthetics of the work manifested) were that this work is a seriously poor allocation of resources. If you think about the money sunk into the work to contract and fly the four helicopters for […]