What the Schubert? Golijov and The Knights: She Was Here

One of my favorite contemporary composers and a fantastic young orchestra. Listening to this particular work is interesting, as I generally think of Golijov as a world music composer, and yet these songs must have fascinated the arranger so much that he would use his orchestration style to mingle with the Romanticism of Schubert. The […]

The Sea that Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot

I recently chronicled attending an avant new music concert at Teatro IATI where Bora Yoon would run what she sang/played through a looping pedal. She would layer harmonies, melodies and pulses on top of each other to create a whole texture. She is not the only one to be using this technique. Here is a […]

Aesthetic Experiences: The Exploration of the Voice and Electronic Music Done Well

Last night I was invited to see a show that is part of Teatro IATI’s Performing Arts Marathon. The program was made up of two electro-acoustic acts Sabrina Lastman and Bora Yoon. Both used elements of electronics in concordance with their voice, though Ms. Lastman’s fell more on the acoustic side of the spectrum.

Ms. […]

Pacifica Quartet Review, 7/15/09

The Pacifica Quartet has mastered playing as a unit.

Last night I saw the Pacifica Quartet perform at NYU’s Frederick Loewe Theater. As a quartet on the younger side of the classical music business they showed why they are Musical America’s ensemble of the year and Grammy winners for best chamber music performance. Their […]

Virginia Woolf Conference

Yesterday I played for the band Princeton in their effort with a dance troupe. In between my stints of playing for the band’s rock songs and the collaborative dance work, the dancer put on their own pieces. Some were incredibly boring, but one that I thought was unexpectedly effective was a dance where a short […]

Dvorák and Cheese

I went to my good friend, Alana Bennett’s, Senior Recital yesterday. She ended her program with the entire Dvorák Dumky Trio. For one, the players who included Patti Kilroy (her blog link is on the upper left hand side of the page), played great. Here and there they had some ensemble issues, but over all […]

Quartet for the End of Time

It’s recital season and I have been going to a few in between stints of practicing for my own. At the end of last month, I played in a chamber concert hosted by Noam Faingold, where I played the Prokofiev Quintet. On the end of that concert was a group playing Messiaen’s Quartet for the […]

Green Visual Art, Green Music?

I recently went to Audrey Tran’s senior Art Thesis named Periphery and I talked to her about her piece which were essentially rows of saw grass arranged to be aesthetically pleasing and interesting to the eyes. She mentioned that the idea behind it is the grass growing in the cracks of the pavement. Now there […]

Republic The Musical

I just got finished playing an awesome work by my good friend Dylan Glatthorn. Dylan is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida and a fellow senior at New York University with me. He is the winner of the Alan Menken Scholarship here and I believe he has been working on the musical since he’s been […]