Love Songs: Sheet Music

These are songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano that I wrote a few months ago and were performed at the latest Circles and Lines concert in December. I’ll hopefully have recordings for you all soon. The texts are below each blurb about the piece.

Mezzo-Soprano, Piano Score of Love Songs

The cycle is intended to […]


Apologies to readers, the posting may be a little light in the coming days as I’ll be preparing for and performing my senior recital on Sunday. Afterwards I hope to have some interesting articles on art and the economy and a guest post from Patti Kilroy on the edition of Bach Partitas and Sonatas I […]

Grant Awarded to Put on The Cure At Troy

I recently applied for a collaborative grant to put on a performance art piece I am writing called The Cure at Troy. I am happy to announce that I have been awarded $2000 to rehearse, promote and perform my work:

On behalf of the review panel of the Coordinating Council for Music at New York […]

Prelude in Bb Minor

I wrote part of this piece at the end of last year. It, like the last movement of my Viola Sonata, is in a semetrical mode consisting of the pitches, C, Db, Eb, E, F#, G#, A# (Bb). I feel it is very different from most of what I have written before, though still considerably […]

Compositions By Eric Lemmon

To make an easy update on content, I am happily posting most of my complete, original compositions for the general public to download and enjoy. I entreat any composers who wish to have free hosting of their work to send me an email at and I would be happy to post them up here […]