Bartok String Quartets No’s 1 & 2

Here are the Scores and Parts to Bartok’s First and Second String Quartets.  Unfortunately, these are the only two quartets that have entered the public domain in the United States so far.  As with my last upload, these have been re-hosted from IMSLP, so if  you are looking for more parts go ahead and look over in their fairly large library while I work on getting things rehosted/uploaded here.

Update Wednesday, March 11th 11:48: Cleaned up the score to Quartet No. 1 as best I could without getting too nit-picky.  Some pages are better than others, but as a whole it is way better than what we had before.  Click past the break to pull it down if you are so inclined.

Note: The Score for String Quartet No. 1 is kind of a dirty scan, when I get home tonight I’ll work on cleaning it up, changing it from sets of 2 pages to 1 and reorient the pages.

Bartok String Quartet No. 1

Bartok String Quartet No. 2

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